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第四届博鳌直销高峰论坛于2017年11月1号在我国海南文昌隆重举行。本届的主题以企业发 展的“变与不变”为主题。这一主题能让企


Revitalized and Prosperous Shanghai
Revitalized and Prosperous Shanghai
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City Profile

Shanghai is one of the four direct-controlled municipalities of China and the most populous city proper in the world, with a population of more than 24 million as of 2014. It is a global financial center and transport hub, with the world's busiest container port. Located in the Yangtze River Delta, it sits on the south edge of the estuary of the Yangtze in the middle portion of the East China coast. The municipality borders the provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang to the north and west, and is bounded to the east by the East China Sea. Shanghai has 16 municipal districts with a total area of 6,340 square kilometers.

Economy & City Reputation

As a major administrative, shipping and trading city, Shanghai grew in importance in the 19th century due to trade and recognition of its favorable port location and economic potential. Shanghai is an important economic, transportation, technology, industrial, financial, exhibition and shipping center of China. It is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. Shanghai with cargo throughput and container throughput of ports in the world first, is a good coastal international port. Shanghai is also home to China's first free trade zone, China (Shanghai) pilot free trade zone. The Yangtze river delta urban agglomeration formed by Shanghai and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui has become one of the six world class cities.

Shanghai is a famous historical and cultural city with deep modern urban culture and numerous historical sites. As early as the song dynasty had the name of "Shanghai", Shanghai has become a commercial port of opening to the outside world after 1843 and rapidly developed as the first big city in the far east. Today, it has successfully hosted the 2010 world expo, China Shanghai international arts festival, Shanghai international film festival and other major international events. Shanghai has been described as the "showpiece" of the booming economy of mainland China; renowned for its Lujiazui skyline, and museums and historic buildings, such as those along The Bund, as well as the City God Temple and the Yu Garden.


The low comedy features Shanghai characteristics, formed in the middle of the Anti- Japanese War. Shanghai monodrama gradually developed into a new Chinese opera by combining with Chinese and foreign comedy, drama and local opera in Jiangnan. Because of the impediment to dialect, it is just popular in Shanghai, Sunan and Zhejiang. Shanghai opera is a local opera singing in Shanghai dialect. Shanghai rap and Pudong narration are also of Shanghai special characteristics.

Shanghai's cultural festivals include Shanghai international TV festival, Shanghai international film festival, Shanghai international art festival, Shanghai international tourism festival, Shanghai spring international music festival, etc. Shanghai TV festival is the earliest international TV festival in China. It was founded in 1986. The Shanghai international film festival, which was founded in 1993, is one of the nine international A-film festivals, and the highest award is the golden goblet award.


By the end of 2010, there were 61 A-level scenic spots in Shanghai, including three 5A-level scenic spots, twenty-eight 4A-level scenic spots, and thirty 3A-level scenic spots. Famous modern buildings include The Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Expo theme pavilion, Shanghai International Financial Center, Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, Shanghai Happy Valley and Shanghai Disney Resort.

Industrial Base
International Motor City
Shanghai international motor city grasps the favorable opportunity of witnessing the foreign auto parts marketing into China, with China’s largest car production base as the core, to build a multi-function integrated automobile industrial base of car trade, research and development, manufacturing, logistics. Besides, it strives to build tongji automotive college and a national inspection and certification center and to introduce automobile and parts in research and development institutions that have influence at home and abroad and some venture enterprises to become a domestic first-class car research and development and education base for teaching training, scientific research, academic exchanges and knowledge service.
Microelectronics Industrial Base
Microelectronics industry area in Pudong with zhangjiang hi-tech development zone as the core, has formed a complete industrial chain, including circuit, IC supporting industry, microelectronic information, complete machine and software, on the basis of hwahong and SMIC(Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation). It plans to attract investments and introduce much more IC design enterprises to promote the development and strives to build the largest and the most advanced and the world first-class industrial base for integrated circuit.
High-Quality Steel Manufacturing Base
It lies in northern Shanghai, Baoshan, with Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation as the core and the world first-class steel enterprises as the model to adjust the structure and layout and strive to build China's largest high-quality steel manufacturing base. The development of Shanghai fine steel base will be in accordance with the urban functions of "one giant, four centers" in Shanghai to realize the overall orientation, to control the total quantity of the general steel products production and to cut down the environment impacts through eliminating and improving the backward productive forces. Besides, it will combine the overall development plan in Baoshan district, strengthen the comprehensive improvement of environment in Wusong district to expand the development space and extend the fine steel industrial chain. It gradually produced a great number of high-quality steel products and advanced skills through technical innovation and research and development, and constructed a main steel products production base in China and a research and development of important base for China's steel industry of new technology, new equipment, new materials.
Gross Market

1. Shanghai Clothing Wholesale Market in Qipu Road

Address: southeast of Zhabei district, Shanghai

Category: Men's and women's clothes, Children's clothes, Coats, T-shirts...

It locates in the downtown area of Shanghai, the southeast of Zhabei district, bounded by the north road of Henan province and adjacent to the Hongkou district. Clothing Wholesale Market in Qipi Road appears to be a “T” distribution, east from the north road of Henan, west to the north road of Zhejiang, south to the north road of Shanxi, with the total length of 680 meters.

Before, it was just a small farmer’s market and then gradually evolved into a small commodity markets. From the 1980s, it finally developed into a clothing wholesale market. It began to expand and develop at a very fast speed, and brought White Horse clothing wholesale market, Tianfu children’s clothing wholesale market and other ten markets together. The original chaotic street market is all planned to enter the indoor market to improve the shopping environment and become an integrated business district of food and entertainment, as well as the clothing wholesale.

Shanghai Clothing Wholesale market in Qipu Road is the largest clothing wholesale market in Shanghai, both clothing wholesale and retail, and its popularity in Shanghai is one of the best. Qipu Road (7P Road for short) is also called as “cheap Road” because of the cheap and fashion clothing here thought the environment is not as the same as the upscale shopping center. Therefore, from morning to afternoon, there are a great number of people of full sacks here and there. Shanghai Clothing Wholesale Market in Qipu Road can be regarded as the sea of clothing.

2. Shanghai Textile Market

Address: No. 1618, Cao 'an Road, Jiading district, Shanghai

Category: Different styles of curtains, sofa fabrics, bedding, fabrics, clothing, leather, cashmere, wool processing, home decorations, handicrafts, luggage, shoes and hats, carpets..

It was founded in the end of 1994, the only approved by Shanghai municipal people’s government. Shanghai Textile Market is a national textile market and is designated as “commodities trading market testing point” by the national ministry of domestic trade.

Since 2010, the whole market accounts for more than 70 hectares, with a supporting land of more than 60 hectares and a building area of 120,000 square meters, with more than 4,000 business rooms. Shanghai Textile Market mainly engaged in textile products, including different styles of curtains, sofa fabrics, bedding, fabrics, clothing, leather, cashmere, wool processing, home decorations, handicrafts, luggage, shoes and hats, and carpets and others. The colorful variety of goods attracted the visitors from all over the world and the average flow rate was between 30,000 and 40,000 visitors each day. The market is booming with hundreds of thousands of residential complex in the surrounding area.

3. Shanghai Hardware City

Address: The industrial park outside the international automobile city, Jiading district, Shanghai

Category: Wiring board, Switch Socket, USB hub, Fingerprint Lock, Tool kit, Surveillance camera, Door lock and  handle..

It locates in the industrial park outside the international automobile city, Jiading district, Shanghai. The Shanghai Hardware City plans to cover an area of 620 hectares for the first phase and an area of 1,600 hectares for the second one, with total construction area of 1,500,000 square meters and the investment of more than 2 billion yuan, which will be completed through four stages. Among them, there are 1,400 business rooms and over 1,500 booths as the show center, with a new warehouse and logistics and distribution center of unique style, all kinds of hardware boutiques, a large ecological parking lot, hardware industry area, supporting life community and other advanced facilities. After the construction, it will be the largest exhibition center, purchasing center and information center in Asian hardware industry, and it will be an important town for hardware with research and development, production, sales and supporting facilities by integrating the exhibition trade, houseware and logistics, information technology and science and technology.

4. Shanghai Electronic Mall

Address: Level 1 trading center for means of production outside the business center in Cao'an, Jiading district, Shanghai

Category: Mobile phone, Computer, Intelligent digital, Hardware storage, Camera, Audio and Video..

It is located at the level 1 trading center for means of production outside the business center in Caoan. The business center is regarded as Shanghai's largest multi-industry wholesale market, with textile market, oriental auto parts city, food market, vegetable wholesale market, and more than 10 big market. Shanghai electronic mall is planned to cover an area of 600 hectares with total construction area of nearly 500,000 square meters. After the completion, it will be first-class trading center for electronic products in Shanghai and even the nation, and deal with the retail trade, brand promotion, warehousing and logistics, e-commerce and other modern trades. The underground is a large parking garage. Inside the mall, there are independent unloading platform, central air conditioning, fire control and ventilation and other complete facilities; besides, it is equipped with international famous brand escalator, sightseeing elevator, network system, leisure activity area, business meeting room. Those sound layout and comfortable environment renders a great convenience to trading between the local merchants and consumers.

Local Exhibition Hall

Shanghai New International Expo Center

Address: 2345, Longyang Road, Pudong, Shanghai

Area: 300,000 square meters

The Shanghai New International Expo Centre is an exhibition center in Pudong, Shanghai, China. It hosts a great number of exhibitions, including the Shanghai Motor Show. With more than 100 exhibitions per year in an area of 300,000 square meters, attracting almost 5 million visitors, and a turnover rate of 27 (2015), SNIEC is one of the world's most successful exhibition venues. It has a capacity of 200,000 square meters indoor and 100,000 square meters outdoor exhibition area. Expo Center facilities include 3 entrance halls, 17 exhibition halls (W1-W5, E1-E7,N1-N5), conference rooms, and a business center. Hotel facilities and a subway station are located at one of the entrance halls of the center.

Shanghai New International Expo Centre Co., Ltd. is a Sino German 50:50 joint venture of Shanghai Lujiazui Exhibition Development Co., Ltd. and the German Exposition Corporation International GmbH (GEC). GEC is a joint venture of Deutsche Messe AG, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH and Messe Munich GmbH. Since 2014, the German Michael Kruppeis general manager of the company. As the first exhibition center of sino-foreign joint venture, Shanghai new international expo center has become one of the most successful exhibition centers in China.

2. National Exhibition Center

Address: 333 Songze Road, Pudong, Shanghai

Area: 1,470,000 square meters

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