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第四届博鳌直销高峰论坛于2017年11月1号在我国海南文昌隆重举行。本届的主题以企业发 展的“变与不变”为主题。这一主题能让企


Unique and Charmful Yiwu
Unique and Charmful Yiwu
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City Profile

Yiwu is part of the greater Municipal region of Jinhua, although it has a distinct urban core. On China's administrative strata it is a sub-prefecture level city. It locates 100 km south to the city of Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province. The nearest city to Yiwu is Dongyang. The area, as in most of the Province of Zhejiang, is in a mountainous region. It has under its jurisdiction 15 towns and 8 villages, which covers 1,102.8 square kilometres, 100 square kilometres of which are urban area of 700,000 people (2010 estimate).

Economy & City Reputation

The GDP reached 52 billion yuan in 2009, an increase of 9% from 2008, and the per capita GDP reached 71,457 yuan (US$10,461). The per capita urban disposable income reached 30,841 yuan and rural pure income 12,899 yuan, increasing 7.4% and 8.5% respectively.

Yiwu contains an Olympic quality stadium. The city is famous for its small commodity trade and vibrant market and is a regional tourist destination. Many events associated with trade take place in Yiwu City. Yiwu is also known as the "sock town" as annually it produces over three billion pairs of socks for Wal-Mart, Pringle and Disney. Yiwu is also known as China's number one producer of fashion jewellery as firms are based in Yiwu as there are many factories making unbranded jewellery. Yiwu is China's first and the only one national comprehensive reform pilot city at county level, awarded national sanitary city, national environmental protection model city, China excellent tourism city, national garden city, national forest city in Zhejiang civilization city and other honorary titles. Yiwu is the world's largest small commodity distribution center, which is designated by the United Nations, the world bank and other international authorities as the largest market in the world.


Yiwu has a great number of famous tourism, such as the pearl mall of Xiuhu Square, city landmark of Meihu Exhibition Sports Center, leisure paradise of Riverside Green Gallery and the cradle on the Yiwu river of Qingbo Lake.

Industrial Base
Beiyuan Industrial Park
Beiyuan industrial park lies in the northwest of built-up area in Yiwu city, close to the airport road, Yijin road and highway from Yiwu to Hangzhou, 2.5 kilometers away from the station, with convenient and quick omni-directional three-dimensional traffic. The overall planning of the park is 10 square kilometers, including 3 square kilometers of jewelry industrial zone. At the end of 2000, it was named by the Ministry of Agriculture as the national township enterprise science and technology park, and in August 2001, it was awarded the Zhejiang jewelry industry professional area. The planning for Beiyuan Industrial Park science features advanced design, rational layout and complete functions. There are not only modern factories, but also large administrative and commercial centers, as well as high-grade residential areas, parks, schools, hospitals and recreational venues. Beiyuan is not only a treasure land for investment, but also a paradise for leisure. Through three to five years of efforts, there will be the important production base of Yiwu market, the window of the foreign investment promotion and capital introduction and garden-like modern industrial park, and it will become the high-quality goods city of Yiwu trade city.
Yinan Industrial Park
Yinan Industrial Park lies in “Millennium ancient town, century-old commercial port” of Fotang, Yiwu, 6 kilometers away from China’s Small Commodity City, north to Shuanglin Resort, east to Yiwu scientific and educational park, west to Choufo Road, with a superior location, beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. The total planned land of the park is 7.47 square kilometers, and the construction land can be developed for 7.28 square kilometers, which includes 3.72 square kilometers of industrial land and 1.28 square kilometers of residential land, accounting for 51.04% and 17.64% respectively. The planned residential population is about 36,700, with a per capita residential land of 35 square meters, with a planned employment of 54,000 people. The total annual industrial output of the park is estimated to be around 11.154 billion yuan. Park planning and construction with natural environment will be in harmony: firstly, in consideration to beautiful natural environment in the Wupitang reservoir, there is a public service center in the center of the total land, to provide the entire park with administrative, financial, business, health, leisure, entertainment and other integrated services. Secondly, in order to better serve the enterprise, better connect with Shuanglin tourism spot, it plans to construct two high-quality residential areas of 1 square kilometer on the south of the park.
Yidong Industrial Park
Yidong Industrial Park lies in Ersanli town, the origin of Yiwu Small Commodity Market, east to Dongyang, with superior geographical position, obvious location advantage, convenient transportation and excellent investment environment. The overall planning area is 5 square meters, and it is committed to developing high-tech industries while striving to attract foreign investment and promising industrial projects and export start-ups. The first phase for the development goal of 1 square kilometer has been successfully realized, more than 70 enterprises in the area, 30 of the completed industry and total investment of 500 million yuan. The infrastructure in the park is getting better and better. The main road, which is 36 meters wide, has been completed, and the trunk roads of 24 meters and 18 meters wide, have been basically completed.
Yixi Industrial Park
Yixi Industrial Park lies in Shangxi, Yiwu. The park planning area is 5 square kilometers, with the first phase of the development of 1,260 hectares for the reasonable arrangement of road network, functional partition, and industrial demonstration area, management center, greening park, culture and entertainment, health care, kindergarten, technology development and other public facilities, as the first-class modern industrial park. So far, the first phase of development has begun to take shape, and the second phase of 1645 hectares planned by the urban planning design and research institute of Shanghai Tongji University has been under construction, which is equipped with a hardware city of modern function and first-class facilities, and covers an area of 368 hectares of "enterprise hatching area" as an ideal place for investors to venture. The third phase of planning covers an area of 3 square kilometers, including three functional districts due to complementary advantages of industrial enterprises, and in result, to form the development pattern of industrial agglomeration mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit by making use of their respective advantages. With the advancement of urbanization and modernization, Yixi Industrial Park is rising rapidly, and developed into a modern science and technology park. In the near future, it will certainly become a high-profile, a bright pearl of Yixi.
Gross Market

1. District 1 of International Trade Mart

Address: Chouzhou Road, Yiwu

Category: Artificial Flowers, Components for Artificial Flowers, Stuffed Toys, Ordinary Toys, Electric Toys, Inflatable Toys, Hair Ornament, Jewelry & Accessories, Festive Handicrafts, Decorative Handicrafts, Tourist Handicrafts, Photo Frames, Components for Accessories, Porcelain & Crystals

Founded in October, 2001, the International Trade City Ⅰ is officially put into operation on 22 October, 2002 which occupies 420 Mu and a building area of 340,000 m2 with a total investment of 700 million. There are more than 9000 booths and over 10500 business entities in total. The 1st floor deals in flowers and toys, the 2nd floor for hair ornaments, jewelry and accessories, the 3rd floor, mainly sells festival handicrafts, decorative handicrafts, porcelain & crystals, photo frames and components for accessories, the 4th floor are factory outlets.

The International Trade City is a commodity trading market integrating modernization, internationalization and informatization. It has realized several transformations since it was put into service: firstly, it has transformed from the traditional trade to modern business mode which is mainly of commodity exhibition, negotiation, order fulfillment and E-commerce. The International Trade City is honored as “Expo that Never Drop the curtain” by foreign customers; secondly, it has realized the transformation that foreign trade exceeds domestic trade, the daily customers reach 80,000 and 3,000 of which are foreign customers, the export rate of commodities is above 70%, more than 95% of the booths accept foreign trade business and the commodities are exported to over 200 countries and regions; thirdly, it has realized the intellectualization of hardware facilities in the market. The whole market has easy accessibility of crowd passage, logistics service and information. It is equipped with 37 elevators and escalators, the automobiles have access from floor 2-4 and over 13,000 broadband interfaces in the market enable every booth to realize online business and consult information on the net.

2. District 2 of International Trade Mart

Address: Chouzhou Road, Yiwu

Category: Umbrellas, Ponchos/ Packaging, Suitcase & Bags, Locksets, Products for Electrical Engineering, Hardware Tools & Fittings, Kitchen & Bathroom Hardware, Small Household Appliances, Telecommunication Equipment, Clocks & Watches, Electric Instrument, Photographic, Apparatus, Batteries, Lamps, Flashlights, Boutique Bags & Suitcases, Electronic Products, Hardware Electric Appliances

Opened on 22 October, 2004, International Trade City Ⅱ (District F & G) occupies 483 Mu, over 600,000 m2 building area, above 8000 booths and the business entities exceed 10,000. The first floor deals in suitcases & bags, umbrellas, ponchos and packaging; the second floor deals in hardware tools & fittings, electrical products, locks and vehicles; the third floor deals in kitchenware & sanitary ware, small household appliances, telecom apparatus, electronic instruments & equipment, watches & clocks etc; the fourth floor is manufacturer outlet center and other boutique trading areas; on the fifth floor, there is sourcing & service center of foreign trade; on floor 2-3 of the central hall, there are centralized purchasing center and museum for Development History of Chinese Commodities. There are supporting facilities, including industrial & commercial bureau, tax bureau, local police station, banks, restaurants, logistics, post office, telecom companies and other functional departments and service organizations in the east subsidiary building. And the market has business building, office building, four-star hotel, east and west square as well as sightseeing bus around the market. In 2005, the International Trade City passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and the assessment of national AAAA Tourist Attraction.

3. District 3 of International Trade Mart

Address: Chouzhou Road, Yiwu

Category: Spring Festival Pictures, Wall Calendars and Couplets, Pens & Ink/ Paper Products, Glasses, Sports Equipment, Sports and Leisure Products, Educational Toys, Buttons, Zippers, Clothing Accessories, Mirrors and Combs, Cosmetics, Auxiliary Materials and Parts, Cultural and Sports Goods, Office Supplies & Stationery, Printed Pictures

The International Trade City Ⅲ(District H) has 460,000 m2 building area, over 6000 standard booths of 14 m2 on floor 1-3, more than 650 booths of over 50 m2 on floor 4-5 and manufacturer outlet center on the fourth floor. The industries in the market cover cultural products, sports products, cosmetics, eyeglasses, zippers, buttons and apparel accessories etc.

The market was equipped with e-commerce system, intelligent security system, short-distance delivery system, financial service sysytem, central air conditioners, large electronic displays, broadband network, Web TVs, data center and elevated road around the building. There are smooth passages for crowd and goods inside the market. Automobiles have access to various floors and many parking lots were built on the ground and roof. It provides a full range of services including modern logistics, E-business, international trade, financial services, accommodation, catering and entertainment etc. Yiwu International Trade City sincerely welcome customers both at home and abroad, manufacturers, foreign trade service agencies to join us and promote mutual development.

4. District 4 of International Trade Mart

Address: Chouzhou Road, Yiwu

Category: Leggings, Socks, Hats, Gloves and Mittens, Other Knitted and Cotton Goods, General Merchandise, Towels, Woolen Yarn, Neckties, Shoes, Lace, Threads & Strings, Bras & Underwear, Scarves, Belts, Printed Pictures

The construction work of International Trade City District Ⅳ was started in October 2007, which covers a construction area of 1.08 million square meters, with over 16000 booths in the market. The market's first floor sells socks and leggings; the second floor sells general merchandise, gloves and mittens, hats and caps, other knitted and content goods; the third floor sells shoes, threads and strings, lace, neckties, wollen yam, towels; the fourth floor sells bras, underwear, belts, scarves; the fifth floor are factory outlets and a tourist shopping center. The factory outlets are mainly for shoes, bras, underwear, hats and caps, scarves, general merchandise, printed pictures and other features industries.

5. District 5 of International Trade Mart

Address: Chouzhou Road, Yiwu

Category: Food and Health Food, Clothes, Shoes, Hats, General Merchandise, Jewelry, Accessories and Handicrafts, African and ASEAN Products, Other Imports, Wedding Supplies, Bedding, DIY Handicrafts, Imported goods(Exhibition Center), Knitted Textiles, Raw Materials for Knitting, Curtain Fabric, Car Accessories, Automobile & Motorcycle Parts, Pet (Aquatic) Products, Commodities Distribution, E-commerce Service

International Trade Mart 5 came into use on May 5, 2011. The District 5 Market of International Trade Mart is the core project of Yiwu Municipal Government and Municipal Party Committee in the process of fully implementing the scientific concept of development and comprehensively promoting the comprehensive construction of the international famous trade city--- Yiwu; and also the landmark of transformation and upgrading of Yiwu market.

The District 5 Mart, located in the northern CHENGXIN Avenue, north of YINHAI Rd, neighboring No.37 Provincial Highway and the Fourth District Market of international trade city to the west, enjoys convenient transportation and unique geographical advantages. It covers a land area of 266.2 mu, and a construction area of more than 640,000 square meters, with total investment of 1.42 billion RMB. The market has five floors above ground and two floors underground, over 7000 booths, and is planed to cover the industries as imported goods, beddings, textiles, knitting raw materials, automobile supplies and spare parts etc.

The District 5 Market of International Trade Mart absorbs advanced concept of international large-scale shopping mall. It's an international business center integrating shopping, sightseeing and recreation into one, the most modern and international global commodities wholesale market in China.

6. Huangyuan Market

Address: Chouzhou Road, Yiwu

Category: Jeans & Trousers, Men’s Wear, Women’s Dress, Sweater, Pajamas, Children’s Clothes, Sportswear, Chaozhou Wedding Dress, Evening Dress, Imported South Korean Garment City

China Yiwu Commodity City Huangyuan Garment Market, which is located in the most prosperous region in Yiwu-Xiuhu lake business district with a total market area of 78,000 square meters, building area of more than 420,000 square meters and a total investment of 1.4 billion yuan. It officially started business on May 5, 2011. Meeting the development tendency of internationalizing, branding and diversifying the garment market, Huangyuan garment market is positioned to be a professional garment market, which will be in favor of enhancing the competitiveness of the garment market in Yiwu, and promoting the professionalizing and expanding development.

In order to optimize the layout of the industry, strengthen the competitive force, stand out the advantage of scale and highlight the commercial opportunity of market, Huangyuan Garment Market distributes five operating categories on 1-5 floor, including men's garments & leather garments, lady's garments, children's garments, jeans & trousers, pajamas & cardigans & sports wears & shirts.

Local Exhibition Hall

Yiwu International Expo Center

Address: 59 East way of Zongze Road, Yiwu, Zhengjiang

Area: 240,000 square meters

Yiwu International Expo Center in the cultural center area of Yiwu, locates in the north of Jiangdong Road, the east of Zongze Road, the west of neighbouring MeiHu Convention and Exhibition Center, and Yiwu river to the north, near the south loop fast track, international trade city and the planning central business district, apart from the international trade city 1.5 kilometers, 10 kilometers away from Yiwu airport, 14 kilometers apart from the new railway station, with convenient transportation.

It consists of two projects: exhibition hall and supporting five-star hotel, with total land area of 219 hectares, the total construction area of 296,000 square meters, and the total investment of1.8 billion yuan. Among them, the total construction area of the exhibition hall is 240,000 square meters, which can provide 5,300 international standard booths. The total construction area of the five-star hotel project is 55,593 square meters, which can provide 337 rooms. The project is fully invested and constructed by China Small Commodity City Group Co., LTD.

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