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第四届博鳌直销高峰论坛于2017年11月1号在我国海南文昌隆重举行。本届的主题以企业发 展的“变与不变”为主题。这一主题能让企


Prosperous, Bustling and Attractive Guangzhou
Prosperous, Bustling and Attractive Guangzhou
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City Profile

Guangzhou, traditionally called as Canton, is the capital and most populous city of the province of Guangdong in southern China. Located on the Pearl River about 120 km north-northwest of Hong Kong and 145 km north of Macau, Guangzhou has a history of over 2,200 years and was a major terminus of the maritime Silk Road and continues to serve as a major port and transportation hub today. Guangzhou is situated at the heart of the most-populous built-up metropolitan area in mainland China, an area that extends into the neighboring cities of Foshan, Dongguan, and Shenzhen, forming one of the largest urban agglomerations on the planet. Administratively, the city holds sub-provincial status; and is one of China's five National Central Cities. In 2015 the city's administrative area was estimated to have a population of 13,501,100. Guangzhou is ranked as an Alpha- Global city. In recent years, there has been a rapidly increasing number of foreign residents and immigrants from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and especially from Africa. This has led to it being dubbed the "Capital of the Third World". The migrant population from other provinces of China in Guangzhou was 40 percent of the city's total population in 2008. Together with Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, Guangzhou has one of the most expensive real estate markets in China.

Economy & City Reputation

The "China Import and Export Commodities Fair", held in Guangzhou in spring and autumn every year, has established economic and trade ties with more than 200 countries and regions, attracting a large number of merchants and investors. There are 27,000 foreign invested enterprises in Guangzhou; The world's top 500 companies have 288, of which 120 have headquarters or regional headquarters in Guangzhou. The total retail sales of consumer goods in Guangzhou, total household deposits (resident savings deposits) and household deposits per capita are the top three in the country, with disposable income per capita ranking first in the province. The United Nations reports that the Guangzhou human development index ranks first in China. Besides, in 2017, Fortune Global Forum is held in Guangzhou. Moreover, Guangzhou ranked third in China's top 100 cities for three consecutive years.


Guangzhou boasts rich tourism resources, including the new eight sights, Zhongshan memorial hall, Huangpu academy, Guangzhou art museum, Guangzhou flower expo park, Shangxiajiu commercial pedestrian street, Beijing road commercial pedestrian street and the most famous Canton tower, ect.

Industrial Base
Guangdong Software Science Park
Guangdong Software Science Park is located in the central area of the beautiful science city photoelectronic information industry group, which is a high-tech industrial park integrating with scientific research and development and business. After years of development, Guangdong Software Science Park has developed into a garden high-tech venture park, covering an area of 100 hectares and building area of 148,000 square meters, with rich resources of public technology platform and perfect service platform of public affairs, which already formed a high-tech group with embedded software development, integrated circuit design and application of mobile commerce technology and software outsourcing, technical resources, product quality certification and other industry support services. The project involves software development, software outsourcing, testing, electronic communication technology, new materials, environmental protection, energy and other fields, which includes China mobile, China unicom, source electronics, DHL, IBM, Germany Rhine, UK, etc.
Gross Market

1. Leather Wholesale City at Sanyuanli Street

Address: Sanyuanli street, Guangzhou

Category: Wallet, Belt, Leather clothes, Leather shoes...

Guangzhou Sanyuanli Street is the first spontaneous leather market, started from 1987. With the help of the people's government at Baiyun district and Sanyuanli itself, they continued to attach great importance to the development of Sanyuanli by the "innovation ", and constant adjustment to local conditions. Up to now, it has developed into a professional market of nearly 30 large-scale leather goods, with more than 6,000 shops, covering an area of about 160,000 square meters, and a large comprehensive leather industry cluster with annual turnover of 10 billion yuan. After nearly 30 years of metamorphosis, it has become the trade center of leather products in China and even the world.

2. Guangzhou International Textiles City

Address: 144 Xingang West Road, Haizhu district, Guangzhou

Category: Fabrics, Accessories, Home textiles...

Guangzhou International Textile City located in the center of southern China city of Guangzhou, is the current largest Asian building modern textile wholesale market, with the building area of 300,000 square meters and more than 4,000 shops. At present, there are more than 3000 brands for fabric, accessories businesses at home and abroad, with the advantage of complete variety, affordable price, and advanced trading pattern to attract more and more international purchasers, and it gradually becomes the first choice for fabric accessories buyers at home and abroad to purchase.

Guangzhou International Textile City integrates textile trading, exhibition and business functions, and builds a one-stop shopping base for fabric and accessories. The main body of the project is the auxiliary material exchange square, the negative second floor is the parking area; The first to third floors are the fabric trading center with more than 2,000 fabric shops and hundreds of thousands of new fabrics. The fourth floor is the annual exhibition center of brand accessories; The fifth to sixth floors are the annual display center of the brand fabric which integrates trading and office functions. The seventh floor of comprehensive service area is equipped with complete business facilities. It is the largest domestic "one-stop" large-scale intelligent textile professional market, with the second floor for accessories section and the fourth floor for two thousand famous brand accessories in AB area leading the fashion trend.

3. Guangzhou Baima Clothing Market

Address: 16 Zhannan Road, Yuexiu district, Guangzhou

Category: Men's clothing, Women's clothing, Children's clothing, Shoes, Coats, Jackets...

Guangzhou Baima Clothing Market was invested and built by Guangzhou City Construction and Development Group in 1991, and opened in January 1993 as the Baima Clothing Market in Guangzhou. It is the largest clothing market with best decoration, the most perfect and standardized equipment and the most trading volume of the low, middle and high-end garments in Guangzhou. There are about 2,000 shops from the clothing production and sales companies of the pearl river delta, Zhejiang Fujian and even all over the country and the merchants from Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and other places. The Baima Clothing Market is both a wholesale and retail center of medium and high-end clothing, and a chain center of clothing brands with wholesale and retail, sample ordering, selling agents, franchising and other types of trading options.

Guangzhou Baima Clothing Market is located in Yuexiu district, Guangzhou, close to the station of the south road of Guangzhou Railway Station, near the Guangzhou Automobile Passenger Depot, Automobile Passenger Depot in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Metro Line 2 of Guangzhou Railway Station, the traffic is very convenient.

Guangzhou Baima Clothing Market has construction area of about 60000 square meters with 10 floors, including 4 floors for shopping mall, 5 floors for office buildings and 1 floor for the underground parking lot. The main equipment here are the central air conditioning, passenger elevator, cargo elevator, hand-held elevator, telephone switching systems, security monitoring systems, cable broadcasting system, wireless intercom system, automatic sprinkler system, large diesel generators, etc. The mall is beautifully decorated and spacious. The building also attaches fashion show square, savings office, business center, consignment station, parking lot, fast food restaurant and other supporting facilities.

4. Guangzhou International Toys & Gifts City

Address: National Network Game Animation Industry Development Base, Huangpu district, Guangzhou

Category: Electromotive and Remote Controlling Toys,Educational Games & ToysPlush and Cloth Toys, Embroidery, Vases, Tea Sets,Gemstones, Pearls, Gold & SilverCorals, Jade carvings,Souvenirs...

Guangzhou International Toys & Gifts City Co., LTD. is established by li ka-shing's Cheung Kong holdings and Hutchison Whampoa and Guangzhou International Toys Center Co., LTD., focusing on toys & gifts circulation industry, which is committed to building the world's largest toys & gifts commerce center -- Guangzhou International Toys &Gifts City.

It is located in Huangpu International Logistics Park, Guangzhou, with the total area of 320,000 square meters and a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan.

The construction of Guangzhou International Toys & Gifts City is divided into three phases: the first phase of the construction area is about 100,000 square meters with nearly 800 property shops, mainly in the form of street shops and related facilities, and the practical rate as high as 80%. The first floor of the shop is 5.3 meters high that the customer can use it according to the actual needs. The second floor is mainly for the second and third floor shops where the display and office are suitable. In addition to the shops, the phase II also has a research and development center to enhance the technical content of products. In addition, about 100,000 square meters of large-scale exhibition center to provide domestic and foreign various exchange fair and procurement and comprehensive exhibition activities with convenient service, which increases the additional value of shops as the window for China's toys and gifts to the world; The third phase includes a business theme park, covering an area of about 40,000 square meters, which integrates entertainment, travel and experience as a whole. Besides, business services related will provide customers a full range of high standard business services from the meeting, office to promotion and the perfect living facilities refers to provide the perfect life service as apartment, which greatly expands its comprehensive function.

Local Exhibition Hall

Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (Canton Fair Complex)

Address: 380 the Middle of Yuejiang Road, Haizhu district, Guangzhou

Area: 1,100,000 square meters

The Canton Fair Complex, formerly known as Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre, is located on Pazhou Island in the Guangzhou(Canton City) in the People's Republic of China, north to the Pearl River, and near such important development area as Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou New Technology Industry Development Zone, the Chigang consulate area, Cheung chau cultural tourism scenic spot.

The total construction area of the pavilion is 1.1 million csquare meters, the total area of the indoor exhibition hall is 338 thousand square meters, and the outdoor exhibition area is 436 hundred square meters. The indoor exhibition hall of the exhibition hall A is 130,000 square meters, with an outdoor exhibition area of 30,000 square meters; the indoor exhibition area of the exhibition hall B is 128,000 square meters, with an outdoor exhibition area of 13,600 square meters; and the indoor exhibition area of the exhibition hall C is 80,000 square meters. It is possibly the largest convention center in the world at 12,174,000 sq ft (1,131,000 m2) and also contains the world's largest exhibition hall at 1,700,000.5 sq ft (157,935.21 m2).

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