China(Qingdao)International Stone Fair12 nd
Jul.16th-19th Qingdao,China
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Frequency:once a year Since:2007
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Exhibition Name China(Qingdao)International Stone Fair
Time Jul.16th-19th
Venue Qingdao International Expo Center
Stone materials
Stone board
Stone machinery and processing equipment
Art stone
Organizers Organizer:

China Building materials association; 

CCPIT building materials branch; 

China stone association


Qingdao Haichen International Exhibition Co. Limited

Exhibition Introduction The "sharing economy" is very popular and the stone people never want to be a looker-on. Since the beginning of this year, the northern stone fair has been guided by the idea of “co-building, sharing and win-win", and holds the exhibition by "crowd funding". The exhibition will highlight the individuality in a group so to build a better platform for the exhibitors. Inviting the audience together is the way to maximize the effect of the exhibition. Here is the home field of each stone enterprise who can hold the annual meeting, appreciation banquet and new products releasing meeting.
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360 Exhibitors
28968 Overseas Visitors
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