Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Exhibition22 nd
Mar 28-Mar 31 Shenzhen,China
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Frequency:once a year Since:2000
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Exhibition Profile
Exhibition Name Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Exhibition
Time Mar 28-Mar 31
Venue Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Robotics & Smart factory
Machine tool
Industrial supply
Organizers Shenzhen Xieguang Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd 
Shenzhen Huanyue Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd
China Shenzhen Machinery Assicoation
Exhibition Introduction From independent machine tool to the professional industry exhibition platform integrated with robotics and complete smart fracturing, industrial supply and machine tool. SIMM was founded by Mr. JiGuang Yao (CEO of SIMM) as a salon in Shenzhen at the beginning which won a great hit in the circle of machining. Therefore, SIMM Exhibition was born in 2000 with the hope of machinery industry. SIMM Exhibition area was up to 110,000 ㎡ in March 2018 with 1,155 exhibitors and 134,921 visitors. SIMM Exhibition will be held in the new exhibition center near to Shenzhen Bao’an international airport in 2020.
Exhibition Data
Exhibition Site Area
1186 Exhibitors
95239 Overseas Visitors
Exhibition Activities

Conferences Highlight

1. “Quality China Celebration” – The 2nd Quality China Summit

Con-current Forums:
The 2nd Quality China Quality Technology Forum
The 2nd Quality China Metrology Forum

The 2nd Quality China Fastener and Thread Technology Forum

2. The 5th Intelligent Manufacturing and Robotics Technology Application Forum【Smart Factory Forum】

Con-current Forums:
The 5th Smart Manufacturing and Robotics Forum Sessions – Key Factors to Intelligent Manufacturing Implementation
The 5th Intelligent Manufacturing and Robotics Technology Application Forum and the Development of Robotics Technology and Application in the Trends of Lightening Automobile Forum
The 3rd Robotics and 3C Appliance Application Conference and the 3rd National Robotics Industry Research Activity Opening Ceremony
The 5th Intelligent Manufacturing and Robotics Technology Application Forum and 2018 New Energy Automotive Supply Chain CEO Innovation Forum

3. 2018 Precision Components and Mould Intelligent Manufacturing Forum

Con-current Forums:
2018 Advanced Automotive Stamping and Laser Welding Technology Application Conference
2018 Mobile Phone Shell Processing and Inspection Technology Forum
The 3rd Sheet Metal Intelligent Manufacturing and Application Technology Forum
2018 HAIZOL Industrial Parts Sourcing and Matchmaking Conference

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