China International Consumer Electronics Show
China International Consumer Electronics Show
Jun 09 2017-Jun 12 2017 Qingdao,China 3D Printing Electronic Products
Include service:
Hotel Allowance
Food Allowance
Free Handle Badge
Cash Incentive: ¥1300 / personDetails >
Registration Notice

1、This event applies only to foreign buyers.

2、All buyers must provide a copy of ID photo, passports, visa, business cards and  purchase lists.

3、All VIP buyers’ Visitor Badges have been completed ahead of time, please contact our receptionist to get them. 

4、Lunch subsidies are distributed in cash (RMB) way on the exhibition day; you are free to choose the restaurant. Coupons which have expired shall not be replaced.

Service & Itinerary

9:00-9:30, Go to the specified location of the exhibition hall to get the “visitor Badge”

9:30, Display the “visitor Badge” to enter the exhibition hall

10:00-11:00, Attend the opening ceremony

14:00, Follow us to visit the exhibition around

16:00, After visited the exhibition, all the buyer can go to the specified location to go back to the hotel

8:30-9:00, Having breakfast

9:30, Display the “visitor Badge” to enter the exhibition hall

10:00, Participate in the meeting to conduct on-site negotiations

12:00, After that, all the buyer can go to the specified location to get the subsidies

1、VIP green channel to provide a quick report, free Registration of “Visitor Badges” services.
2、Exhibition consulting and personnel to guide service.

1、Hotel accommodation allowance for two nights(RMB 400 yuan per night standard)

2、Visitor meal allowance for two days(six meals), RMB 500 yuan in Cash

Attender Requirement

1、 This event applies only to foreign buyers.

2、 All buyers must have Canton Fair buyers documents.

3、 All buyers must provide passports, visas, business cards, purchase lists and web sites.

4、 All VIP buyers’ Visitor Badges have been completed ahead of time.

5、If you have any controversy, Guangzhou Yibai Media Co., Ltd. reserves all final interpretation and decision.

Exhibition Profile
Exhibition Name China International Consumer Electronics Show
Jun 09 2017-Jun 12 2017
Venue Qingdao International Convention Center
3D Printing
Intelligent security
Balanced vehicle

People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce

Ministry of Science and Technology of the People 's Republic of China

Shandong Provincial People 's Government

China Import and Export Chamber of Commerce for Electrical and Mechanical Products  

China Electronics Society

Qingdao Municipal People 's Government

Exhibition Introduction Approved by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, China International Consumer Electronics Show (SINOCES), after 16 years’ professional development, has now been recognized as a flagship of consumer electronics (CE) industry.  Over the years, benefiting from China’s stable economic environment, the government’s supporting industrial policies and the potential interior market SINOCES has successfully fulfilled its role as China’s largest trade fair for doing business with an excellent reputation among CE industry.
Exhibition Data
Exhibition Site Area
219 Exhibitors
8382 Overseas Visitors
Activity Report
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